Protest: Reichstag Election and Plebiscite

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The Reichstag election on April 10, 1938 was a combined election and plebiscite on the Austrian “Anschluss”. There was only one ballot for both. Only the NSDAP’s candidates were admitted to the Reichstag election in the form of a unified list. Only a Yes or No vote could be cast. The plebiscites also only had an ostensibly democratic character and were intended to sanction the Nazi’s decisions after the fact.

As becomes clear from the situation report on Freemasons, Jews, Political Churches and Sects and Right-wing Movement from the Central Department II/1 of the Reich Main Security Office for the period of April 1 to 31 May, 1938, individuals from the Confessing Church refused to participate in the election or sought other opportunities to express their dissension.

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  • Quoted from: Nationalsozialismus, Holocaust, Widerstand und Exil 1933–1945. Online-Datenbank. De Gruyter, May 2, 2010.

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