Bells Activities during World War II

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During the war, Bell lent aid to persecuted “non-Aryan” Christians and refugees from the Confessing Church in England. Contrary to common opinion in his country, he advocated the view of the “other Germany” and endeavored – in vain, though– to move the English government to collaborate with the German resistance.

In the meantime, the war situation was intensifying and the German Wehrmacht was occupying one neighboring European country after the other. In 1940, the English became aware that the Germans could only be effectively repulsed from the air. The original agreement not to bombard civilian populations or undefended cities was therefore rescinded. This prompted Bishop Bell to harshly criticize his government, for instance in a letter to the editor of The Times, thus making himself unpopular in England.

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  • © Quoted from: Japser, Bell, p. 262.

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