Homeless and in “Protective Custody”

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Ehrenberg had been pressured out of his job and into retirement on Pentecost of 1937, furnishing a false sense of security. His situation continued worsening. SA units laid waste to his residence at Goethestrasse 8 on November 9, 1938. Ehrenberg himself was on a trip in the Rhineland at the time but his wife and his two children witnessed the brutal destruction of their home. This report originates from a member of the Ladies’ Aid Society of the Melanchthon Confessing Church congregation. It also records the information provided at the very serious Ladies’ Aid Society meeting following Kristallnacht. Ehrenberg turned himself in to the police on November 11, 1938 and was taken into “protective custody”.

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  • © Quoted from G. Brakelmann: Hans Ehrenberg – ein judenchristliches Schicksal im „Dritten Reiche“. JWKG 72, 1979, p. 126.

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