Request for Intercessory Prayer for Hans Ehrenberg

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After reporting himself to authorities, Hans Ehrenberg was taken into protective custody on November 11, 1938. He was held in Oranienburg concentration camp (Sachsenhausen) where he spent three months and worked as a corpse bearer.

Pastors of the Confessing Church in his former Bochum neighborhood remembered Ehrenberg during his imprisonment. The Confessing Church mentioned members, who were detained, expelled and banned from speaking and writing, in intercessory prayers at worship services.

A Gestapo report of April 8, 1939 to Gestapo Headquarters in Berlin mentions that Pastor Heinrich Bültemeier from Dortmund-Hörde had declared that intercessory prayer for Ehrenberg was a Christian duty. Bültemeier considered Ehrenberg’s Jewish descent to be the reason for his detention.

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