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In 1949, Ina Gschlössl was appointed director of Protestant religious education at vocational schools in Cologne. While a student at the university and afterward as well, Gschlössl had resolutely supported the full pastoral office for women. This finally became reality– with some limitations – in 1963 but the arrangement came too late for her. She continued her vocational school work until her retirement in 1964. Since no suitable successor could be found, she remained at her post until 1966. She died at the age of ninety-one in 1989 in Neusäss near Augsburg where a niece cared for her.

In 2005, the street running from Schildergasse at the Antoniter-City-Pavillon at the Antoniterkirche in Cologne to Antoniterstrasse was renamed “Ina-Gschlössl-Weg” at the request of the Protestant congregation in Cologne. The street’s modest dimensions certainly do not do justice to the honoree’s importance; at best, they befit the extremely modest number of Protestants in Cologne who were critical of the regime during the era of the “Third Reich”.

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