To Württemberg

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Provided with a Berlin address and the advice to turn to Vicar Ilse Herter in Ebersbach in Württemberg, Mr. and Mrs. Krakauer returned to Berlin. Theodor Burckhardt, a pastor in Berlin, eventually referred them to Kurt Müller, the pastor of the Reformed congregation in Stuttgart.

On August 8, 1943, the two victims of persecution ventured the dangerous trip south, most likely also in the hope of being able to flee to Switzerland. A check of identity papers in Stuttgart, which they only got through fine with a lot of luck, was nearly their undoing. Then, they reached Pastor Müller, who – since he was under surveillance – sent them on after one day to Pastor Eugen Stöffler and his wife Johanna in Köngen.

The Stöffler family – including their daughter Ruth, a committed helper – not only sheltered the fugitives for several weeks themselves but also made sure they had places to stay in the immediate and surrounding area.

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