Ecumenism “in vinculis”, in Chains

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    Reproduktion: Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand

Moltke’s particular common ground with Delp was apparent in the final weeks of their lives in Tegel Prison where they were confined to adjacent cells. Together with Gerstenmaier and Prince Fugger, they formed an ecumenical community “in vinculis”, in chains. They collectively read agreed Bible passages, communicated through the walls of their cells and celebrated the Eucharist together, which was officiated by Delp. They exchanged small secret messages with personal reflections, passed along by the two prison chaplains Together, they hoped to stay alive, but were also collectively prepared to die as witnesses to the truth of their faith. In his last secret message to Delp, Moltke wrote, … may the path lead us to freedom or to the gallows!

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