“University Riots” in Breslau

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The generally noticeable change in political views at the University of Breslau, which Nazi circles categorized as especially “jewified”, about which Lohmeyer had reported in the summer of 1932 to his Freund Hönigswald who was teaching in Munich by then, erupted dramatically in the winter semester of 1932-33. The appointment of the jurist Ernst Cohn brought the university to the brink of a state of emergency.

The Protestant theologian and National Socialist Karl Bornhausen, whose “ethics” classes repeatedly turned into in anti-Semitic rallies at this time, openly headed the Nazi students in the so-called “battle against Cohn”.

Lohmeyer not only alerted government police agencies during the university riots but, backed by Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy, also repeatedly defended his young colleague Cohn personally. His efforts were in vain, however: Cohn was ultimately relieved of his office.

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