Lohmeyer and the Confessing Church

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In May of 1934, Ernst Lohmeyer – along with thirty-four others – supported Hans von Soden’s statement on “Bekenntnis and Verfassung in den evangelischen Kirchen” (Confession and Constitution in the Protestant Churches), which was aimed at the Nazi policy of Gleichschaltung. During that time, he more or less demonstratively taught a class on “Christianity and Judaism”. His assistant Gottfried Fitzer was involved in establishing Confessing Church congregations in Breslau.

Lohmeyer along with more than one hundred other professors demanded the resignation of Reich Bishop Müller at the end of 1934. In addition to working at the university, he also put himself at teh disposal of the theological seminary established by the Council of Brethren of the Confessing Church in the Province of Silesia, which was banned by the Gestapo one year later.

Source / title

  • Kurt Dietrich Schmidt: Die Bekenntnisse und grundsätzlichen Äußerungen zur Kirchenfrage des Jahres 1934. Göttingen 1935, 81–83

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