Disciplinary Transfer to Greifswald

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Lohmeyer also made reference to the current situation in his sermons – albeit circumspectly. He spoke about the Parable of the Mustard Seed (Mt 13:31–35) in his final sermon at the University of Breslau on June 23, 1935 and, right at the beginning, referred to the boundlessly bewildered church of the present.

Lohmeyer was consequently transferred to Greifswald, which was relatively calm politically, for disciplinary reasons for his ecclesiastical views and activity for the Confessing Church (according to Lohmeyer in a letter of April 30, 1936 to Gustav Ruprecht). Lohmeyer had time in Greifswald as of the winter semester of 1935-36, especially for his theological work.

Yet he soon came into renewed conflict with public authorities because he criticized a speech given by Gauleiter Franz Schwede-Coburg in Greifswald openly before students in his seminar. Lohmeyer was charged with violating the “Treachery Act”. The district attorney’s office in Stettin dropped the charges in early 1938 because of a lack of evidence.

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  • Quoted from Andreas Köhn (Ed.): Ernst Lohmeyers Zeugnis im Kirchenkampf. Göttingen 2006, 146-148. © Vandenhoeck&Ruprecht (http://www.v-r.de/de/redirect/t/352555382/)