The Most Appalling Crimes in Human History

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Following the liberation of the occupied territories and the first concentration camps, Schröder also dealt with the Nazis’ crimes. In a sermon from the end of October of 1944, he interpreted the collapse of civilization as the consequence of Nazi education and the bombing war as the mature fruit of this accursed seed.

In a radio address of March 27, 1945, he spoke of the most appalling crimes in human history. At the same time, he also made reference to the resistance of the White Rose, the Communists, Catholic and Protestant clergy and the “conspirators” of July 20, 1944. He cited the silent helpers of forced laborers and prisoners of war and the soldiers and officers who had laid down their weapons. They are all the saviors of our nation’s honor. His reference to the other Germany was intended to encourage the Germans to break with Hitler and to open new prospects for the future – despite the Nazis’ crimes.

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