Remembrance after 45: Elisabeth von Thadden School

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Elisabeth von Thadden’s friends, Dr. Marie Baum and Prelate Hermann Maas among them, strove to resume her life’s work after the war’s end. A new school with her name was founded in January of 1946 and has operated on the castle premises since 1947. The former school’s disbanded board of trustees was reactivated as the basis for resuming teaching in Wieblingen.

The urn with Thadden’s remains was buried next to the tower of the chapel on June 3, 1949. The student body and faculty assemble in the chapel itself every Wednesday morning. The wish on the part of many alumni to marry or have their children baptized there highlights the vital importance of the school’s religious offerings to later life, too. The Caritas-Diakonie internship created at the Elisabeth von Thadden School is in keeping with its founder’s mission and legacy in two senses: Her educational principles were instrumental in reorienting the school’s development and her ethical and religious views sustain teachers and students in their daily efforts to pursue the right education.

The school commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of its founder’s death in 1994 with a project day. The case of Paul Reckzeh was also reopened in an article published in DER SPIEGEL that same year.

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