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Despite disappointments, Marga Meusel continued endeavoring in the circles of the Inner Mission to draw attention to the tribulations of Christians affected by Nazi racial laws.

She tried publishing an article on the “The Inner Mission’s Mission to Non-Aryan Christians” in the monthly “Die Innere Mission”. She sought support for this from Pastor Theodor Wenzel, the Director of the Provincial Committee for Inner Mission in the Province of Brandenburg. She also lamented to him about the absolute lack of understanding within the Confessing Church for the situation of Christians of Jewish descent.

Gerhard Schröder, the editor of the monthly “Die Innere Mission” in Dahlem, refused to publish Meusel’s article, however. He advised her to summarize her experiences in this field in a memorandum and submit it to the Inner Mission’s Central Committee so that it would finally examine the issue fundamentally.

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