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Elisabeth von Thadden spent the weeks until her execution in Barnimstrasse Prison, her hands constantly bound. She dictated her version of events, beginning with her arrest in Meaux in January of 1944,to the prison chaplain a few hours before her death:

There were repeated opportunities to escape, which I deliberately did not take advantage of so as not to endanger my brother (Reinold). Then, I was brought to Berlin and again interrogated the whole night. The severity of this inquisition was quite monstrous! I was asked about the Confessing Church and about the Una Sancta. I did not let a single word slip, which might have incriminated others. Ravensbrück concentration camp was bad. I had nothing to do with the assassination attempt of July 20, do not know any of these people. I had too much influence; my circle had become too important. We wanted to perform social work at the moment such succor was needed. That this moment had to come was clear. We wanted to be good Samaritans but nothing political.

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