Postwar Era

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The jurist and politician Walter Strauss already honored Marga Meusel’s courage and willingness to help in 1946: Through her unconditional readiness to act and her courage without showing regard for her personal safety, Ms. Meusel guided work in her district agency during the war in directions, which were unusual. ... Thanks to her help, a number of people were saved from death (Greschat, Gott, p. 84). Strauss, himself a Christian of Jewish descent, had likewise helped victims of persecution during Nazi rule. He was a member of the administrative committee of the “District Agency for Inner Mission” as the agency was called as of 1940.

After the war’s end, Meusel resumed her work in the district agency until 1953. She was deeply disappointed by the church’s course in the postwar period. She wrote Martin Niemöller on August 18, 1948, Compared with today, it was a really wonderful time when we were able to do our work in the Third Reich unimpeded by church headquarters, despite all of the difficulties and all of the fear. Physically and mentally exhausted, she attempted to find other work but to no avail. She died lonely in Berlin on May 16, 1953.

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