Die Christliche Welt

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The cultural Protestants’ dominant journal “Die Christliche Welt” edited by Martin Rade, a theologian at the University of Marburg, and, as of 1932, Hermann Mulert, a theologian at the University of Kiel, occupied itself more intensively with National Socialism starting in April of 1931.

While the author Hans Eberhard Friedrich displayed respect for the movement’s inherent evolutionary force, he criticized National Socialism’s welter of ideals and ideologies and contradictions with which Protestantism had concerned itself far too little.

In July of 1932, Martin Rade perspicaciously asserted that Hitler’s seizure of power would result in the extermination of the Jews: And if it turns serious? And “my struggle” [i.e. Mein Kampf] becomes “my victory”? I am not talking about the Hitler of today. ... But his basic desires are openly revealed in this book. And according to it, there is only one clear, naturally positive aim for the salvation of the Volk and Fatherland, even for the salvation of the human race (in this messianic consciousness), only one sacred duty: extermination of the Jews and the November criminals.

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