Protest against “Euthanasia”

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In his fight against “euthanasia”, Wurm also sought to mobilize the Wehrmacht against the Nazi ideologues. In a letter of October 22, 1940 to the commander of Military District V in Stuttgart, he cited the detrimental effects on the fighting troops’ morale if they learned of the killing of people with disabilities.

In a report for the armed forces produced a little later, Wurm had the facts and psychological impacts set forth in detail and a “basic assessment” appended, which stressed that God, who gives us life […], alone also has the right to take life (see Schäfer, Landesbischof D. Wurm, p. 134–139; quote: p. 138). According to Wurm, Germany’ systematic annihilation of the weak members of the nation was it bringing down to the level of a primitive nation.

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