Perceptive Admonisher of the Nazi Threat

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Father Mayer already occupied himself in the 1920s not only with the Communists and their ideology but also with the NSDAP around Hitler, initially still operating regionally in Munich. He recognized the Nazi ideology’s dangers not only to the church but also to German society in general early on.

After having taken the floor and expounding on the irreconcilability of Christianity and National Socialism at a party event in 1923, the party and its representatives harassed him so heavily that he had to fear for his life at times and already wrote his will at that time.

His critical observation of the movement also appears in his letter of September 1930 to Cardinal Faulhaber in which he analyzes the situation with clear words. Notably, Mayer, often invited outside Munich as a preacher, also considers the rural population traditionally rooted in Catholicism to be noticeably seduced by the movement.

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