Rupert Mayer: A Blessed Man for Today

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Thousands of Munich residents attended Father Rupert Mayer’s funeral on November 4, 1945 and paid him their last respects. His grave in the Jesuit cemetery in Munich-Pullach soon proved to be unable to handle the continuous influx of faithful. People simply came to “their” Father Mayer with their worries and troubles as they had during his lifetime.

In 1948, Mayer’s body was brought to his old workplace, the Bürgersaalkirche, the Marian Congregation for Men. Many people still make pilgrimages to his tomb there in Munich’s pedestrian zone every day.

The beatification process opened in 1950, finally concluded on May 3, 1987: Pope John Paul II beatified Father Rupert Mayer at a worship service in Munich’s Olympic Stadium, i.e. he may be venerated as a role model and called upon for help in prayer (e.g. need and illness).

There are already Father Rupert Mayer Churches (e.g. in Indonesia and South Tyrol), which have the steadfast Jesuit as their eponymous patron. Small but well worth seeing, a museum of the Congregation and especially its president Father Rupert Mayer now exists in the Bürgersaal Church in order to continue preserve his memory.

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