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Members of the University of Erlangen’s School of Protestant Theology honored Karl Steinbauer with a colloquium on his 80th birthday in 1986 and published a collection of essays on his life and theology (F. Mildenberger and M. Seitz, Gott mehr gehorchen). The Protestant student congregation at the university in Bamberg named its building after Steinbauer in 1996 in recognition of his steadfastness in the face of totalitarian Nazi ideology.

The Bavarian Brotherhood of Pastors, which was co-founded by Karl Steinbauer, has been awarding the “Karl Steinbauer Badge” since 2000. This badge is intended to honor the memory of Karl Steinbauer’s witness in present-day church and society. It is awarded to individuals or groups that courageously strive for integrity, truthfulness and humanity in the public sphere.

A traveling exhibition supported by the Protestant student congregation at the university in Bamberg and the parish in Uttenreuth has paid tribute to Karl Steinbauer since the tenth anniversary of his death in 1998. His grandson Erhard Giesen published the exhibition catalog “Ich glaube, darum rede ich!” (I Believe, Therefore I Speak) on Karl Steinbauer’s 100th birthday in 2006. The city of Penzberg paid special tribute to Karl Steinbauer: It named the street on which he formerly worked “Karl-Steinbauer-Weg”.

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