Circular on the “Jewish Badge"

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The notorious decree requiring all Jews in Germany to wear the Jewish badge took effect in September of 1941. In that very same month, Katharina Staritz drafted a circular to the pastors of Breslau in which she called it a Christian duty not to exclude racially persecuted Christians from worship services on account of the badge. What is more, the victims of persecution had the same right to a home in the church as other congregation members and were especially in need of comfort from God’s Word.

She believed that pastors had to instruct employees and congregations to minister to these marked congregation members in particular, to show them seats, to sit with them and to pick them up for worship services. Although the Breslau city dean forwarded the circular to his fellow clergy with warmest regards, the Silesian church government distanced itself from the circular in October of 1941, put Katharina Staritz on leave and pressed her to leave Breslau. Following her forced leave, she returned to Marburg, where she had attended the university.

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