Petition for “Mixed Marriages”

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Since the head of the Reich Chancellery had forbidden Wurm from petitioning the Reich government, Wurm sought contact with local Nazi leadership.

In February of 1945, for instance, he approached Württemberg Reich Governor Wilhelm Murr and made him aware of the worsening situation of Christians of Jewish descent living in so-called mixed marriages. Non-Aryan spouses had been ordered to report with backpacks and rations for a work detail away from home. The orders chiefly applied to older people and plunged them into great despair and even thoughts of suicide.

Wurm bemoaned that new suffering and injustice was being caused by this order and entreated Murr to intervene. If he would just take action. That would be a good deed! Taking concrete examples as his point of departure, Wurm strove to induce the Württemberg Reich Governor to intervene. Admittedly, Wurm had little hope he could achieve anything with his letter.

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