Protest against the Treatment of “Mischlinge”

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Wurm made an issue of the situation of “Mischlinge (people of mixed Jewish ancestry)” in a letter to the Chief of the Reich Chancellery Hans Heinrich Lammers. Wurm stressed to him as well that he was writing out of out of religious and ethical feelings rather than any philo-semitic leanings.

Wurm sharply criticized the measures recently taken against people of mixed Jewish ancestry: It is obvious that the same fate as full Jews threatens these people. The policy of extermination against Judaism is a grave injustice and is also perceived thusly by the people. Every Christian-minded German therefore prays that the leadership will be given the wisdom to free itself from mistaken assumptions and to help the principle of law regain the importance in state and public life to which it is entitled according the best accounts of German intellectual history.

Since he had not received any reply to his petition to Hitler of July 1943, Wurm resubmitted his protest to the Chief of the Reich Chancellery and pointed out the worsening situation of “people of mixed Jewish ancestry” in particular.

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